My Love of Lists

I have a great fondness for lists. I make them for everything! Grocery shopping, To-Do, decorating, ideas, reading, recipes, time, exercise-the list goes on and on! 🙂 I'm convinced that lists are great for all parts of life! Therefore, I have decided to share a list of staples that I keep in my pantry and fridge at all times to be able to quickly whip up a healthy lunch or dinner.

I hope for your sake that you have access to my home away from home-Trader Joes! If you have to go to the grocery for fresh food twice a week then go someplace you enjoy, has great food, and friendly employees. For me, that's Trader Joes!

Food Staples


Salsa( home made or organic)


Lentils( I like TJ's split red lentils because they cook quickly)

Beans(your favorite! I like black beans)

Baby greens or spinach

Grape or cherry tomatoes




Fresh herbs (basil and cilantro are my favorite and are quite versatile)

Low sodium vegetable stock ( I actually prefer the taste of organic chicken stock but obviously, it's not vegan)



Vegetarian :

Trader Joes( or your favorite brand) shaved Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano cheese blend-a small amount packs a huge punch of flavor!


Can't beat $2.49 for that tub of deliciousness!


So there you have it! Keeping a few simple staples on hand allows you to make low-calorie, nutrient rich foods, without artificial flavors or preservatives! Most of these items keep for a while so I like to stock up on beans, lentils, quinoa and bulk jars of organic salsa at the beginning of the month and then I can make quick runs to the store for fresh veg and fruit each week! I buy different fruits and veggies each grocery visit to keep dinner time exciting, and I know as I shop that I already have these basic items at home to build the base of my meals. I struggled to keep this list short so I am aware that it's not comprehensive:) It's just a simple list of goodies to have on hand to make hearty, plant based meals!



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