Sautéed Salad with Poached Egg-under 150 calories!

I know I just posted yesterday but I had to put this recipe down before it escaped my brain! It was so yummy and only 144 calories-144 CALORIES!!! Can't beat it!:) I couldn't think of a better name for it, so a description of it is all I've got!

Um….did I mention you can eat all of this for 144 calorie? Crazy right?


Sautéed Salad with Poached Egg

Yields: 2 servings Prep time: 15 min Calories per serving: 144



6 cups of organic mixed baby greens

1 medium green bell pepper

1 cup of chopped mushrooms

1/4 white onion

2 eggs (1 per salad-this recipe makes 2 salads)

2 teaspoons Trader Joes Aioli Garlic Mustard (or Dijon mustard if that's all you have)

Salt and pepper to taste


Slice the pepper and onion into strips and sauté with the mushrooms until all the veggies are soft.


I used a non stick pan and NO OILS


Remove from heat and set aside. These had such a wonderful flavor that I didn't season them at all.

Now you're ready to poach your egg. You can scramble them if you like, but the poached egg looks so pretty on this salad and adds a delightful texture to the greens.

Quick lesson in poaching the perfect egg! Fill a pan with about an inch of water and bring it to boil. Crack and egg into a small cup or bowl and gently slide it into the boiling water without breaking the yolk. I like to cook mine until the yolk is pretty firm. It will look like this:


Spread three cups each of baby greens onto two plates. Spoon half of your sautéed mix on each. Gently dip your poached eggs out of the water and place one on each of your salads.









Sprinkle salad with salt and freshly ground black pepper, focusing on the egg. Drizzle one teaspoon of Aioli Garlic Mustard over the salad, starting with the egg and working your way out, drizzling the remaining amount on the greens.


The warm sautéed vegetables, soft egg, and tangy mustard provide all the “dressing” this salad needs! Keeping this filling lunch at under 150 calories! Hope you like it!:)

Oh and I'm working on getting some prettier pictures for this blog-sorry these are not the best!



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