Vegetable Pot Pie

So it's fall again and nothing makes me want to bake more than crunchy leaves and cool breezes! What's better than a creamy, rich vegetable pot pie on a chilly evening? I have a terrible sweet tooth and can't keep baked desserts in the house, so whats the next best thing? Vegetable pie! So I cooked up these veggies and rolled out a quick wheat crust and I had a dose of fall in just about an hour!


Yields: 2 pies= 16 servings Prep time: 45-60 minutes



6 medium potatoes, skinned and quartered
3 whole carrots, peeled and sliced
1 can of English peas
4 cups of chicken broth
1 scallion
1 tbs. Garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup of almond milk
1 and 1/2 tablespoons of corn starch
Start heating the chicken broth, at medium to high heat, in a mid sized stock pot while dicing, slicing and peeling! Add potatoes and carrots first. Slice scallion and add it to your pot. When the potatoes are soft add the canned peas.
Pour the almond milk into a small bowl and add corn starch. Whisk until most of the clumps are gone. By now most of the broth will be cooked away, but you still want some liquid left to make it creamy! Add the whisked almond milk to the stick pot and stir often until it thickens. If its not happening quickly, turn up the heat but make sure to stir more! Season with garlic, salt and pepper.
While the potatoes, carrots and scallions are cooking you can whip out your crust! I used a simple butter crust recipe that I found here

Basic Pie Dough Recipe – CHOW

The recipe only made a single crust so I doubled it for each pie:) it also needed more water than it called for and I used whole wheat flour.
I baked the empty bottom pie crust for 10 minutes on 350 to keep it from becoming doughy and soggy after putting the filling in.
Divide the pie filling into both pies, top with crust and crimp the edges. Using a sharp knife cut 5-6 small slits in the center of the pie(see my picture). Bake at 350 until the crust is browning and flaky. Enjoy!



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