Peanut Better Balls

This recipe is a delightful find from a fabulous foodie at

These are easy, vegan, gluten free and definitely now a tradition in our house for making at Christmas! The boys loved rolling the balls and watching me dip them in chocolate-and these are by far the best vegan treat I’ve had this holiday! Without butter, sweetened milk and over processed powdered sugar-they are practically guilt free!!
You can find the original recipe here: Peanut Better Balls
Hers are prettier than mine, but hey, I had a 6 and 3 year old helping me!
I didn’t have a chance to hunt down coconut flour so I substituted almond flour. I also used crushed corn chex in place of the crispy rice cereal. I also added some coarse sea salt to the top of a few of ours for a little extra delight! We made these little treats on Christmas Eve and we barely had any left for Christmas Day! Try these, you’ll love them!


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