Vegan Salted Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Raspberries and Almonds

I think I have a problem. I have a terrible sweet tooth and my last couple posts have been reflecting that! My last sweet treat had a healthy punch, however, other than the fruit, this is mostly just a guilty vegan pleasure! It isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and has a delightful creamy mousse texture with just… Continue reading Vegan Salted Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Raspberries and Almonds

Guiltless, Flourless Brownie Cupcakes

I wanted to call these brownie cupcakes “Cray Cray Brownies” because they are crazy delicious with ridiculously healthy ingredients! Shhh,don’t spread this around but there are black beans and spinach in them! What?! Cray cray you say? Now you understand my first name choice; however, for the sake of posterity and that things on the… Continue reading Guiltless, Flourless Brownie Cupcakes

Banana Bread Pudding

I’m always in the mood for sweets. Always. So I often try to find ways to make a sweet treat that I can feel good about and is packed with protein! This is how I literally mashed together this yummy, spongy, banana-chocolatey treat! It’s soft and gooey like a bread pudding but comes in at… Continue reading Banana Bread Pudding