Grilled Brussel Sprout Kabobs

It’s finally spring time!!! And when temperatures get above 50 degrees, I think it’s time to grill out! Of course I’m a firm believer that almost everything can be grilled-and I mean everything! So I decided to make brussel sprout kabobs! They turned out marvelously and were the perfect way to usher in spring! Grilled… Continue reading Grilled Brussel Sprout Kabobs

Vegan Salted Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Raspberries and Almonds

I think I have a problem. I have a terrible sweet tooth and my last couple posts have been reflecting that! My last sweet treat had a healthy punch, however, other than the fruit, this is mostly just a guilty vegan pleasure! It isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and has a delightful creamy mousse texture with just… Continue reading Vegan Salted Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Raspberries and Almonds

Southwest Pasta and Black Beans

You probably know by now, that I hate to waste and when it gets to the end of the month, I’m usually digging deep into the fridge and pantry to find things to build a dinner out of-without running back to the grocery store! I want to use up everything I can before buying anything… Continue reading Southwest Pasta and Black Beans

Guiltless, Flourless Brownie Cupcakes

I wanted to call these brownie cupcakes “Cray Cray Brownies” because they are crazy delicious with ridiculously healthy ingredients! Shhh,don’t spread this around but there are black beans and spinach in them! What?! Cray cray you say? Now you understand my first name choice; however, for the sake of posterity and that things on the… Continue reading Guiltless, Flourless Brownie Cupcakes